Online Bookmark Tools

The latest helpful tool I’ve found is Diigo.  This site has a lot to offer for the online reader.   If you find yourself with loads of bookmarked sites in your favourites and no way of accessing them when you’re not at your own computer you need an online bookmarking tool. If you like Delicious [...]

Organise your ideas

Diagrams, Flowcharts and More

Flow Chart for a Design Process

If you have some new ideas that you’d like to get off the ground and want some help to organise yourself just might have the answer.  Gliffy is full of user-friendly applications that will have you presenting yourself in the most [...]

Online Publishing

Everyone has a book inside them just waiting for the right time to be written down.  If you’ve teeted with the idea of creating your own publication, but never thought it would make it past a publishers eye  could be the anwser to your prayers.   To use the Yudu’s online publishing tool simply create [...]


Brainstorming Ideas

Whilst brainstorming is a not a new concept, helps brainstorming sessions to be more dynamic and interactive.  Colourful, quick and easy to use allows you to work collaboratively online, email, print, or embed your mind map into your website.   You don’t have to sign up for a free account to be able to [...]

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a term that was first used in 2004. It signified a huge development in Internet use, a move away from static brochure type pages to dynamic web sites that could be created, interacted and manipulated by the individual. Global communities sprang up like wild fire, sites like Facebook and My space [...]