The Future of Personalisation

Have you ever wondered where personalisation might be leading us?  I certainly have and if it means less cost to the environment by reducing waste I’m all for it.    Like a lot of people there’s nothing more satisfying to me than stepping away from mass consumerism and having something unique especially if it’s my own creation.   This gorgeous video by nueve ojos shows the potential of how that might work in the future and if you are of the creative ilk you’ll definitely want to check out this great kiwi company This one stop digital shop is a haven for design professionals and those who want to try out their creative skills without the start up costs associated with a new business.   Create an online account and you can upload your designs to your digital showroom, but unlike other design stores the designer pays absolutely nothing until someone buys your design.   There is also a forum for sharing and communicating ideas with other designers from around the world. Some designs are offered free, to get you started.  Alternatively you can pay a designer for their digital design, download it and add your own touch to it.  So whether you want to create a one off personalised present or take it more seriously it’s well worth a look,

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