Brainstorming Ideas

Whilst brainstorming is a not a new concept, helps brainstorming sessions to be more dynamic and interactive.  Colourful, quick and easy to use allows you to work collaboratively online, email, print, or embed your mind map into your website.   You don’t have to sign up for a free account to be able to use it, but doing so will give you the ability to save your work and invite others to work on your mindmaps with you.

Mind map of my online community created with

Brain Games

Want to increase your memory, your spelling or arithmetic? is home to hundreds of games designed to give your thinking processes a bit of a work out.  Headed by a dedicated team of scientists, Luminosity games have been designed to develop your ability to focus, recognition and problem solving.   Create a free account with Luminosity and you have access to hundreds of games plus the ability to track your progress, compare with others and choose from a variety of courses tailored to suit your requirements.  You can even purchase a gift membership and get the whole family involved.  There’s also an extra section with games specifically designed for those with medical conditions like ADHD.  So, if you’re looking for a way to while away a few minutes of the day whilst improving your brain fitness Luminosity could be just the site you’re looking for.

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  • Sandra

    Wow, you’re amazing… what a cool site. You blow me away with what you know chick! Did you have to do this as part of your study, or just for PD? Very cool my friend, I’ve learnt so much. Just made some pumpkin soup shame you not closer it was yummy! x

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