Online Bookmark Tools

The latest helpful tool I’ve found is Diigo.  This site has a lot to offer for the online reader.   If you find yourself with loads of bookmarked sites in your favourites and no way of accessing them when you’re not at your own computer you need an online bookmarking tool. If you like Delicious it’s likely you’ll be interested in what Diigo has to offer.  Both sites offer you the ability to save your bookmarks to a free account with tags and a library for easy finding but Diigo goes that bit further by giving you the ability to highlight web pages, and add sticky notes.  You need to add the Diigo Extension to your tool bar to use this feature but it’s well worth it.  You can share your notes and highlights with friends, either by adding them to your network if they are also a Diigo account holder or by email if not an account holder.  There’s a whole lot more resources available by joining groups and community networks something I’ve yet to explore. Both sites give you the ability to import bookmarks from your favourites and Diigo gives you the ability to import bookmarks from Delicious.

Watch the video for an overview of the Diigo Extension.

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