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Everyone has a book inside them just waiting for the right time to be written down.  If you’ve teeted with the idea of creating your own publication, but never thought it would make it past a publishers eye  could be the anwser to your prayers.   To use the Yudu’s online publishing tool simply create a free account and upload your files, PDF, Word(.doc), Powerpoint(.ppt), Excel or Open Office equivalents.  If uploading a Word document make sure you save it to the  Office 97-2003 format.  You will need to upload your document in it’s entirety, with all your pages in their correct order.    Keep fonts simple in your documents or you may have some display issues.  If you really want to use fancy fonts, save them as an image.  As a general rule of thumb it’s best to keep to the ” web font family’.  Choose the type of publications you want to make, then save to your library.   You’re then ready to share with others either by a direct email link, embed into your web site or make your publication public and save to Yudu’s library.

When you’re ready for an upgrade you’ll want to take advantage of Yudu’s Plus which gives you the added features of being able to embed video into your books, add audio, edit pages and sell your publication.

Yudu’s library is extensive with thousands of e-books and magazines and all kinds of subjects.  While viewing publications you can also add your own bookmarks, highlight text and add a small note by simply dragging the notepad onto the publication.  You can also save your favourites to your library.  Roll your mouse over the tools when viewing to see how you can share this document, download or print.   Here’s a sample of one I created from a recent Assignment.  If you can’t see the flash animation below you may need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to be able to.  A word of caution though, installing the update is a good move, but you might like to uncheck the Free McAFee Security Plan Plus it is optional.  A marketing ploy from McAFee to get you onboard to buy their products.  If by accident you download with the McAFee you’ll most likely see a short cut on your desktop.  To delete the programme go to your Control Panel, add or remove programs, you’ll find it there and from there you can uninstall.

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