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Flow Chart for a Design Process

Flow Chart for a Design Process

If you have some new ideas that you’d like to get off the ground and want some help to organise yourself just might have the answer.  Gliffy is full of user-friendly applications that will have you presenting yourself in the most professional way.  Whether you have an idea for a web site, designing a floor plan for your dream home or need to demonstrate how you’re going to get that project done on time, Gliffy rests all your tools at your finger tips.

Set up a free user account and choose from a simple interface to create your slick diagram.  Tools are a familiar click and drag format, and of course there’s the ability to save your work which can then be stored for later retrieval or you can invite someone to work collaboratively on the project with you.    You can export your work as jpeg or png files or upload them directly to your Wiki Site.  Students will love the ease at which they can create visual images that communicate their ideas and diagrams.

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